XS-90 Series

Cost-Effective Code Reader Solution

Flexibility to Integrate, Power to Perform.

Versatile Compatibility

Designed to consistently deliver reliable and accurate results by capturing targets in any environment and working seamlessly across various operating systems and manufacturing environments. XS-90 Series is suitable for both the Semiconductor and Consumer Electronics industries.

Basic Deep Learning Processor

Adaptive Learning for Optimal Barcode Detection

Excellent reading capability throughout the entire field of view

Reading is not affected by mounting angle

Misaligned marking(PCB) Curved part(Sticker) Uneven background(Card board) Scratched Dot printing Black resin PCB

Easily reads damaged or irregularily printed codes

Plug and Play

Rugged and Reliable

XS-90 Series

High Performance (1.3 MP)
High Performance (1.4 MP)
Basic Deep Learning
Basic Deep Learning
IP54 (Protected from limited dust ingress)
IP65 (Water resistance and dust proof)
Standard reading FOV of 89 mm x 72 mm at minimum working distance of 120 mm
Multiple reading FOV supported at minimum working distance of 40 mm
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